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Keith So


Keith So

Audit and Assurance


heads the Group's audit and assurance services which aims to provide quality professional audits for both local and international companies in compliance with Hong Kong GAAP and to the international Accounting Standards (IAS). Having worked in two of the Big Four accounting Firms  along with over 30 years of professional experience in accounting, auditing and assurance practice, Keith is knowledgeable and has expertise in assisting and advising local and international clients in meeting the requirements set by the Hong Kong institute of Certified Public Accountants and IAS. Keith is currently working closely with numerous multinational companies providing audit and assurance services in Hong Kong and China to ensure that international investors remain confident in their Asian market investments and operations. Keith handles a number of private companies in addition to a number of listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Several of our clients are subsidiary companies of listed parent companies on other stock exchanges.

Keith is a practicing member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Auditing and Assurance Experience

Auditing and Assurance of Listed Companies

Our Client, a Hong Kong listed property development company engaged East Asia Sentinel Ltd. to perform the required audits necessary to meet the Listing Rules requirements as set out by the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and the Securities and Futures Commission. Keith led a team of auditors ensuring that both the Hong Kong accounts and the PRC accounts of our Client’s subsidiary are in good order and in accordance with Hong Kong GAAP and the listing requirements. Furthermore, Keith and his team reviewed the necessary documents, such as the Management Discussion and Analysis, Director’s Report and the Audit Report, required for submission to the Stock Exchange before its official publication, ensuring accuracy, full disclosure and that none of the statutory duties are neglected.

Audit and Consultation

On more than one occasion, Keith has played an essential part in advising Clients on the issue of expansion of its operations into China. One such Client, an international law firm headquartered in the United Kingdom, engaged East Asia Sentinel Ltd. to be the auditor for its South-East Asia and Dubai operations. Keith supervises the entire audit exercise for the group and has helped the Client through in opening representative offices throughout South East Asia as the Client continues to expand its operations into China.

Keith is also in charge of numerous audits of Hong Kong and PRC subsidiaries for their foreign based parent companies.

IAS Reporting

With globalization and China opening its doors to foreign investors, Asia experiencing substantial growth in the number of foreign companies operating in China. Keith is involved with a number of such foreign Clients requiring an IAS Report for their China based subsidiaries. Keith works closely with the PRC accounting team as well as the financial team of the head office to facilitate a common understanding of such requirements and how such requirements should be met. Keith also takes an active role in advising Clients on potential deficiencies in current PRC accounting practices and implications of these deficiencies if left unresolved.

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