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V. Robert Lew


V. Robert Lew

Taxation and Advisory Services


heads the international Taxation Services (including Hong Kong and PRC taxation services) of the firm. He has extensive experience in consulting services, especially in projects such as corporate re-organization for mergers and acquisitions, management of initial public listing process and formulation of business models for start-up companies.
Robert is a member of the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants and a practicing member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Before joining the firm, Robert worked in Canada with one of the Big Six international firms as a Chartered Accountant. Robert also serves on the board of directors of various active companies, including a number of listed companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Consulting experience

Post acquisition restructuring

The Group is a Canadian owned ODM in Children apparels. The Group designs and manufactures their own products in the Philippines, China, and other countries in the Asia, and sells them in the United States. In 2004, a new investor, being our client, acquired the Group.

Robert assisted the management of this group in the post acquisition restructuring. The restructuring exercise involved advising on the set up of the various entities in order to enhance the tax efficiency of the group structure and on the transfer of the business from the previous companies to new companies.

Tax Planning Restructuring

The Group is in the business of extracting powder from mussels in New Zealand, converting such powder into medicinal oil in New Zealand, and selling the products in Europe and Asia.

The restructuring exercise involved advising on the proper structure to enhance the tax efficiency of the Group, and on the operational procedures to meet the requirements of different tax authorities.

Due Diligence

This is a Group of companies that are registered under various heads of the Securities and Future Ordinance of Hong Kong, with one of the companies being listed as an investment company on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

Robert led the team in carrying out the due diligence review for the acquisition of a company by the Group. The exercise involved the verification of assets and other financial information in relation to the Group. Robert’s team ensured that the closing was properly completed with all financial obligations of the vendors being duly met.

Pre-IPO reorganization

The Group is listed on the Stock Exchange in Hong Kong, and is a manufacturer in knitwear products with its factories in the PRC and Hong Kong, exporting to the United States and Europe.

Robert and his team worked with the Group before it commenced the IPO process. The team assisted the Group in reorganizing its financial records in order to meet with the requirements of the listing rules. After listing on the Exchange, the Group continued to engage Robert to monitor its financial performance to ensure the Group meets the requirements of the rules as well as the expectations of its investors.

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