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IPO Management

We provide pre-IPO management services to clients in reorganizing shareholding, financial, operational and management structures of the Company and/ or the group to comply with the requirements of the Hong Kong Listing Rules. We also provide other services such as internal control reviews, forecasting, recommendations on tax efficient structures and Hong Kong tax planning for companies. We can assist in working with leading underwriters, lawyers and other professional parties to manage and expedite the entire listing process.

Our team understands the time sensitivity of any decision to list on public stock exchanges.  Therefore, we work closely with the management and corporate financial teams to meet critical deadlines.

We offer a full range of pre-IPO management services, including:
  • Assisting in the reorganization of the financial, operational and managerial structures of a company to comply with the Listing Rules of Hong Kong, including the Main Board and Growth Enterprise Market
  • Business planning
  • Enhancing the marketability of the shares of the listing company
Charlie Smith
  • Principal
V. Robert Lew
  • Principal
Gilbert Pun
  • Principal
Ricky Tam
  • Principal